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Rockley Point Beach
Rockley Park
Poole Dorset
BH15 4LZ

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The Package is valid for the holder only and is only available at the Hobie Exclusive, Rockley Park, Hamworthy, Poole, BH15 4LZ.

Members that use the facilities and equipment of Hobie Exclusive should report to the office immediately upon arrival and again before heading out onto the water.  They will also need to check in with staff on returning to the beach.

Members must only take out boats in the conditions that have been signed off in their personal logbook.  If you wish to go out on more powerful boats in stronger winds then this has to be agreed in advance by the Duty Manager and signed off in your logbook.

Users should seek advice from the Duty Manager before using any club equipment or facilities or before going out on the sea. Failure to adhere to this advice may effect your third party insurance for taking part in watersports at Hobie Exclusive.

Hobie Exclusive reserve the right to restrict the hire of equipment at the Duty Managers discretion.

Users must wear a suitable buoyancy aid at all times.

Non swimmers must be water confident and wear a buoyancy aid. 

Users should at all times show care and consideration to other users of the sea and observe all requirements of other relevant bodies; (including the Poole Harbour Commission and the Coast guard.)


Individual membership

Individual membership entitles the member to book boats as many times as they like, they receive 6 free passes a year for additional guests. Guests may not take the helm as this will invalidate insurance.


Couples membership

Couples membership entitles both members to book and take the boats out as often as they like either together or separately providing they have both attended the induction and that they only helm on the boats that are authorised in their personal logbook.  They will receive 6 free passes between them per year.


Family membership

Both adults can take boats out either together or separately providing that they have both have attended the induction and that they only helm on the boats that they are authorised in their personal logbook. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and can be taken out as many times as they like.  Minimum age 7 years.  Children over 18 require their own individual membership. They will receive 6 free passes between them per year.


Hobie Exclusive equipment damage policy

Members are fully liable for damage to all equipment. This is cost to repair to new condition or replace which ever is cheaper. UNLESS Members opt for our Damage Waiver which costs £10 per month. This protects members from the cost of any ACCIDENTAL damage to equipment. The waiver is considered null and void if members have ignored the advice of the duty manager. If you do not take out the damage waiver or if you ignore the advice of the duty manager you will liable for the cost of any damage up to £250 which is the cost of the insurance excess.


Users must acknowledge that Hobie Exclusive is under no liability or obligation to them in relation to any loss, injury, damage or any other liability. (Except to the extent that by virtue of any applicable law any such liability cannot be excluded, restricted or limited.)

Users must accept full responsibility for their own safety and for any loss or damage to any of the facilities or of the equipment which they may have hired from Hobie Exclusive.  Members must agree to indemnify Hobie Exclusive from and against all liabilities, losses, damages, costs, charges and expenses in relation thereto.

Members must be over 18.

If you have joined with a family membership then all under 18’s must be accompanied by a parent at all times.  Parents are entirely responsible for all under 18’s in their care.

“Unlimited hire” with Hobie Exclusive means members can hire the equipment as much as they like, for as long as you like subject to the following:

The centres are open - see opening times


You are of a suitable ability for the equipment and conditions


The conditions are suitable for the equipment and your ability.

We request that you please return all boats to the beach by 5pm to avoid having the rescue boat recovery which will cost £40


Hobie Exclusive reserves the right to restrict access to water for any reason. Hobie Exclusive reserves the right to add or remove other activities and benefits without notice.

Seasonal membership

By signing up you are signing to say that you will meet a minimum of 6 payments plus an initial fee for the package. You understand that there is a policy of no refund. It is up to you to make use of the package facility during the 6 month period.

Your payments will automatically cease in October and then begin again in April, unless we are notified in writing by 1st March at the latest. You can continue the package facility in the new year without paying another initial fee for the new year.

If you break from your monthly payment spread to the Hobie Exclusive all benefits will cease.

If you sign up for seasonal membership a few months in to the season, your membership will automatically resume in the new season and cannot be cancelled until 6 full months of membership has elapsed.

Cancelling membership

Your contract is for a minimum period of 6 months and cannot be cancelled within the first 6 months. To cancel your membership you must inform us in writing with one months notice.